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By Farah Yurdozu

Around 2000 BC a mysteries nation came to Turkish land from Caucausus mountains section. Where they decided to settle up and what they called homeland was a very wide area of today’s Turkey from east to west, north to south of our country. They were Hittites. Hattuşa ( Boğazköy ) became the capital of the kingdom. We know almost nothing about their history before their settling in Boğazköy. We also don’t know exactly where did they come from or why did they choose Turkish land to start a new legend in ancient history. What forced them to leave their country and inmigrate to a new place? Who were they? In fact their original name was “Nesili” in the meaning of “The ones who speak Nesi language”. The name of Hittite was given them by the modern arqueologists much later based on the Old Testament texts.

Hittite kingdom quickly became the first political organization in ancient Turkey. They are also known as the first constitutional monarchy. They were much more advanced than any other society of their time in arts, arquitecture and military structure. These were the visible and solid aspects of a huge civilization. But Hittites were also known with a supernatural, out of this world contact. They were famous as the kingdom of thousand gods.

Hittites’ national identity, daily and social life, was shaped in the hands of their multiple Gods. The main and most important one was The Sky God Teshup. He was controlling the wind, hurricaines, rain, water and human life directly. Also Hittite kings respected and feared him a lot. But even the most powerful God had an enemy. According to legends Teshup had a battle with the Dragon God Illuyanka. There is a very famous wall relief in Turkish city Malatya which is located on ancient Hittite territory. The wall picture shows the battle between God Teshup and God Illuyanka. On the wall relief sky God Teshup and his son are depicted as humans. Both of them are wearing very modern looking one piece boots and pants, military looking jackets, hats or helmets. Their outfit has a uniform style which reminds me the 1970s style Science Fiction movies fashion just like what we saw in TV series. Opposite the human looking gods, Dragon God Illuyanka is a gigantic size creature which is a mix of a dragon and a reptile.

The story starts with a fight between Teshup and Illuyanka and the first part ends with the victory of reptilian dragon. Teshup’s godly power and good will wouldn’t be enough to defeat the monster. Illuyanka takes Teshup’s eyes and heart. Altough Teshup loses his vital organs he survives and promises to get a revenge. An oracle advises him that he must get married to a mortal woman and have a child from her in order to defeat the monster. Teshup gets married to a human woman and they have a son. The young child comes to age of marriage and falls in love with Illuyanka’s daugther. When Teshup wants to kill Illuyanka his own son takes the part of the dragon. Teshup kills both his son and Illuyanka and gets back his eyes and his heart.
The symbolism of this story is fascinating and also very contemporary. Now before encoding the symbolism of the legend let’s remember some imortant facts about Turkey. Turkey always have been the land where the stories told about Gods who came from the sky and where a reptilian race lived and created the underground cities. What happened between Teshup and Illuyanka is a perfect symbolism of the ancient history. Let’s imagine two different Extra Terrestrial races one Nordic and almost human looking and the other from Reptilian race with scary aspects. It is hard to know why and how they ended up on my native country Turkey. But it is obvious that they didn’t like each other.

I don’t want to take the concept of “ battle” literally. Maybe these two extraterrestrial races didn’t come face to face in a real battlefield. The battle was about their technological or scientific advances. Maybe it was about a genetical research and hybridization project. Now let’s try to see the case with another point of view and let’s replace the “battle” with another word;“challenge”. Is it possible to think that Teshup and Illuyanka being the leaders of two separate groups of investigation and were having a serious conflict due to their purposes of being on the earth? Just like two rival scienmen. Maybe they were compiting severely and what they were involved was a challenge of a scientific experiment? The first part of the challenge ends with the victory or success of Illuyanka. And Teshup loses his eyes and his heart but this doesn’t kill him. Did he loose a very important, a vital part of his scientific research? An advanced tool or formula which was really important for the hybridization process? Although this defeat he was ready for the second round.

And what about the “oracle” advises Teshup to get married and have a son from a human woman? Could it be a scientific adviser or a genetic expert? Teshup is given a very clear genetic suggestion in order to defeat Illuyanka. Sky God listens his adviser and gets a hybrid son from a human woman. The result must be successful as the Sky God feels himself ready and well equipped to defeat his rival.

Now let’s talk about the successful result of the genetic experiment and having a half human hybrid son. I don’t think that Teshup was the only Nordic being who had a hybrid child from a human woman. I believe that Teshup represents the Extra Terrestrial race who had many hybrids from the humans. There wasn’t only one hybrid son, there were many of them. But in order to complete the experiment it was necessary for them to wait until Teshup’s son reachs to age of marriage. This is an interesting point, now let’s keep decoding the symbols. Teshup’s son must be at least a teen ager in order to help his father in the battle to get back his eyes and heart. He needs to be a teenager in order to be a part of the experiment. Just like the young hybrids who help around in the space ships that many abductees report during the abductions. Another possibility is that young hybrid son had to be a propiate age to breed and have his on offsprings.

Young hybrid is Teshup’s hope but his own son fails him falling in love with Illuyanka’s daughter. Let’s bring another interpretation to the story now; Nordics hope that the new hybrid race would be successful to complete the genetic experiment. But for some reason they prefer to join the Reptilian team and Teshup kills his own son and Illuyanka. Did Nordics destroy the hybrids and probably end the experiment and partnership with Reptilians? The story finishes here. But it is remarkable to see that how the possible scientific experiment effected a whole Hittite nation for thousands of years under the shadow of a worshipping. One way or another they successfully shaped the religious life of Hittite society. They easily managed to control the human life. Not only for the Hittites but they created the base for the general religious belief system in Middle Eastern region. The same belief system was interpreted in different ways but the main symbolyzm always remained same during thousands of years under different names.

Another interesting point of the story is the hybrid and reptilian marriage or the pact. Did they really transbreed between each other? If this happened how much of the Hittite nation was consisted from the hybrid and reptilian offsprings? How much of them survived through the centuries up today on Turkish land? Turkey always has been the land of different cultures and ethnic groups who have been living under one national identity. But sometimes cultural differences bring serious social problems. Today especially in the eastern parts of the country there is a conflict between some groups. As if the cultural identity problems are inherited from our Nordic-Reptilian-Human ancestors. It seems that the battle between the Nordics and Reptilians never ended.

Also the authentic name of Hittites was Nesili which resembles a lot to Nefilim. Once again let’s remember what says the Old Testament about The Nefilim: “The Nefilim were upon the Earth in those days and thereafter too. Those sons of the gods who cohabited with the daughters of the Adam, and they bore children into them”. – Genesis 6:4.

Are we talking about the same race who visited earth and created a mixed hybrid generation? Maybe. If we take a larger look at the Hittite civilization we may find more logical answers.

Hittites had a symbolic writing and they had a specific symbol for every noun, adjective and concept. The symbol for the gods was an egg shaped object divided in two pieces with a vertical line in the middle. The same symbol was also used in another wall relief as the head of a tiny creature who wears a military looking jumpsuit and boots. Why did they symbolyze the Gods with a simple ovel shaped object? The god symbolism may have two meanings; an egg shaped UFO or air craft, or the eyes of the Extra Terrestrial gods. Maybe symbolizing the gods with a simple oval shape was the easiest way to remember their outer space crafts. In our modern UFO times an egg shaped, oval and divided in the middle looking objects are very familir too. Let’s remember that the very typical aspect of the Reptilian eye is divided in two parts in the middle. The other interesting coincidence is that the reptiles born from an egg. If we are talking about reptilian gods showing them with an elliptical symbol is the best sign language.

Hittite Gods were controlling almost everything in human life, but they really didn’t care a lot about human race’s religious path or spiritual enlightenment. There were gods but where were the religion? What what the religious teaching? In fact there was no teaching. The worshipping was consisted of every kinds of sacrifitions. Hitite Gods wanted animal and human sacrifitions from humans. This was the primary worshipping. Also humans had to donate gods food, wine and gold. It seems that whoever were the “gods” they knew how to get free food, wine and gold in the easy way. And again for some reason they needed animal and human blood from sacrifitions. Blood for the scientific experiments? Maybe... And what about the gold? To use it in their flying machines? Why not?

Ancient Hittite worshipping left important traces in time. Another tradition was to donate gods sacred bread and sacred wine...

Whoever they were they used religion as a mind control way over humans. And they never revealed their real identity. In another words they came and stayed here on earth with their own cover-up hiding behind the fake identity of gods.

As we very well know the Nordics and the Reptilians has been the focus point of Alien close encounters in many UFO cases. Teshup may not be the name of a single deity but he may be representing a Nordic race. In the same way maybe Illuyanka was not a single reptilian dragon but the name of a race with reptilian features. It is stil a mystery how did these two different races come together. According to some interpretations Reptilians were always here on earth. The huge web of underground cities all over Turkey could be built by them. And if Nordic-Hybrids really interbred with Reptilians what was the result? The eastern part of Turkey was always remarkable with the diversity of culture due to various races. That same region also have been the focus point of some severe terrorist activity in the last 40 years. Is it possible to say Nordic-Reptilian conflict still exists although today’s individuals have no idea about their origin? DNA memory is an important human factor on earth. Do we still represent and revive the battle between or Nordic and Reptilian ancestors today?


Blogger Sonia said...

Italian archaeologist Gabriele Baraldi searched and wrote about the Hittites' presence here in Brazil.
( site in portuguese and spanish)

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If you want someone to edit your English I would volunteer to do that.

That's not a criticism, I just see how things could be refined.

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Blogger Farah Yurdozu said...

Hi Shamus

Sorry I didn't see your message before. Thanks so much for your offer to help editing my English. I would really, really be appreciated if you can help me !!

Thanks again,

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Hi Farah, I come from the Balcans who we are? We are always in conflicts, Serbs against Albanians, Bosnians against Serbs, Croations against Serbs, and viceverse

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Merhaba. Bir zamanlar kürtler için kuyruklu dendiğini duymuştum.

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