Friday, May 30, 2008

FROM MARS TO BRAZIL by Farah Yurdozu


by Farah Yurdozu

While Phoenix is looking for the evidence of Extra Terrestrial Biological Life on Mars surface, on our own planet there is another new discovery. An isolated Indian tribe between Brazil and Peru was recently photographed by Brazil's National Indian Foundation, Funai.
Funai never contacts the isolated tribes in order to prevent the invasion their land. As you can see in the pictures men from the tribe were in panic and fear pointing the arrows trying to shot the “Unidentified Flying Object” over their heads. This little group of indians are living in the huts far from the modern, techological world ruled by computers. They are hunters and warriors as far as we can see.
Funai members say that there are 100 other uncontacted tribes worldwide. And they will remain as uncontacted maybe during all their life. Time to time they will observe some huge, fast, unknown, metalic objects flying over their village. They won’t be able to understand but they will name them. Maybe when the mysterious visitors gone, the tribe members will get together and discuss what they saw all together. They will draw the pictures of the flying objects, possibily they will think that they are visited by the Gods. Who knows, probably a new religion has already started based on their sightings.
Some of the tribe members, the ones who bring the best explanation to the mystery will be considered “experts” on the topic. They will exchange information with the neighbour tribes and compare their sightings and experiences with their own. And a legend borns from their angle from their angle of course. And the scary big machines which fly over their huts will never land and contact them. I am sure they don’t understand why?

Do we?


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