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I really don’t remember when I first thought about Extra Terrestrial life or interdimensional beings. Because since I was aware of myself as a tiny child in Istanbul, I was also aware of the existence of different life forms around us. Even though they weren’t visible to us in the physical sense all the time, they used to make themselves very obvious to me using other, subtle means of communication. They spoke to me through my family and its history. My mother’s family is well-known in our native Turkey for psychics and paranormal investigators. The concept of the paranormal was and is a family tradition, and I was raised in a very open minded environment towards spiritual subjects. In fact the word “paranormal” isn’t used in my Turkish household. To us it’s a normal part of life. Turkey itself is a land of mysteries both ancient and modern. Today’s many UFO phenomena in Turkey share a thread that links them to thousands of years of folkloric tradition. So maybe my great grandfather was not surprised when he was visited by aliens...
My great grandfather, Emin Refik, was one of the first French and mathematics teachers at Istanbul University. In the late 1890’s he was a young teacher, married and with 5 children. Emin was a talented and idealistic teacher but since the salary he received from the government was meager, from time to time his family had financial problems. In those days my great grandfather felt completely helpless. But then, one day when his wife and children were visiting relatives in another city, something very unusual happened. One morning as he stepped out of the house to go to the university, he saw a very old man smiling at him from the opposite sidewalk. The old man approached Emin and spoke to him. Though he was a stranger, the old man knew his name, about his family, his job and even his financial problems. The stranger insisted that he was ready to help and told to Emin that late in the night he was going to have some visitors, visitors he should not fear. As a scientific young man my great grandfather didn’t take this conversation seriously. He quickly forgot about the funny old man and busied himself at the university with his students.
That night he came home and went to bed. Before he fell asleep the bedroom door opened. Two visitors entered. They were tall, and though they walked on two legs my great grandfather later insisted they had reptilian characteristics. They wore no clothes and their skin was dark, oily and partly covered with hair. Though the stranger had told him not to fear the visitors it was impossible not to, particularly as they looked at him through the elliptical pupils of a snake’s eyes. Emin tried to move, scream, do something… but it was impossible. He was under a total paralysis. The reptilian visitors were trying to communicate with him. He felt a very heavy pressure over his body. At the same time a strange vibration was filling the room. His bed started to shake. One of the reptilians got onto the headboard of the bed while the other stayed at the foot. Emin started to fight against them mentally. He repeated again and again that they were not allowed to be in his home, and commanded them to leave. Emin was unaware of how much time elapsed.
At the end of the night, the two reptilians left him. While they were going they looked at him and said something about his family. He remembered these words spoken telepathically in his mind: “From you to three generations...” And they were gone. Emin Refik was in shock. He couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. He got dressed and decided to leave for the university very early. Outside another surprise was waiting for him: the old man that he met one day before. The stranger looked at him with disappointment and said, “I believed that you were an intelligent man... you lost a big chance.” After these words he left. Emin Refik preferred to forget about this incident, and there was no one to talk to about it anyway. This was decades before science fiction had filled people’s imaginations with this kind of incident.
This story was told in the family and accepted at face value. My great grandfather was visited by two monsters. Was he abducted by them? Was there missing time? Any scars, cuts, bruises on his skin? We don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no…
Years past, his two sons became lawyers, and his three daughters teachers. All of them were psychics. They were the first generation of psychics in my family. My aunt was from the second generation and she was a psychic too. And I am the third generation psychic-paranormal researcher from my family. What happened that night to Emin Refik is a big mystery. Did they really want to help him? Was their gift to him a psychic talent to be passed to his children? Who knows. Maybe the help or the gift was being able to communicate with the beings of other dimensions. Maybe the richness wasn’t something material but something spiritual such as understanding the cosmos. Understanding the endless possibilities of a cosmos peopled with endless numbers of beings. Being open minded and accepting the truth.
That’s why I wasn’t surprised at all when I had my first UFO sighting during my high school years. A very clear and close UFO encounter is not unusual in modern Turkey. But the interesting fact of this sighting was that I had a precognitive dream about it ten days before the actual sighting. These were the days that I started to develop very clear and sometimes troubling psychic visions and telepathic communications of my own. In my dream I was in our living room by the window, which had a wonderful view to the sea. It was dark and I heard a man speaking into my ear: “In a couple of minutes a UFO will come and land on the shore. Stay here and wait.” I obeyed my invisible guide and waited. Suddenly a silver-colored flying object appeared in the sky. It started to descend slowly and landed on the shore. Even in a dream it was an amazing thrill to see such a sight. While I was still observing the object a half-human half-robot looking Extra Terrestrial being came outside and started to walk towards my home. At that point the dream ended and I woke up. This dream was so real that it didn’t feel like a dream at all, and though I relived it throughout the coming day, in time it faded from my mind.
Ten days passed...
Then late in the evening I was at home when I heard a strange motor-like sound over the building. It was different from any jet or airplane or helicopter I had ever heard. Soon the vibration surrounded the entire building and I ran to the living room window to see what was happening outside. Just like in my dream I saw that huge round, red, glowing object by the shore. It was approximately 15 feet long and hovering very close to the ground. While I was looking at this strange object two other white lights flew through the sky and disappeared behind our building. In the next second the big round object was gone.The object was gone but it left a lasting impression in my mind and spirit. It had shown me my path. First the dream, and later the UFO sighting. It was an open message to me. But one year later a confirmation came too. I was attending a paranormal society’s meeting and by a “coincidence” I met a lady who lives in the same area as I did and she told me that she saw the same object the night of my own sighting.
This first experience makes me ponder the connection between UFO’s and ESP. As a professional UFO investigator and writer for me it is impossible to ignore the connection between the paranormal and UFO cases. In close encounters or abductions, telepathic communication is a very important element. A great number of abductees develop paranormal or psychic talents after their abduction. And since the 1970’s remote viewing is accepted as a way to communicate with Extra Terrestrial civilizations. People visited by Gray aliens or Reptilians claim that the communication was telepathic.
That my psychic inheritance was first passed to me in the form of a UFO experience is humbling and inspiring. It opened my eyes to my path and my passion. If this was my gift I accept and embrace it with joy. I live it and I love it. This is my story. We are all the products of who and what came before. I am carrying on a paranormal tradition in the loving memory of my ancestors.


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