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Semum is a new Turkish movie about interdimentional beings which are also known as Jinns. I often talk about them in my lectures and explain how they are interested in having contact with humans. Last week a couple of behind the scene pictures from the movie was on Turkish press. Movie crew was very surprised to see unexplained paranormal beings on the photographs. In one of the pictures a human face is materialized on the door. In the other picture you can see another being in the fire. This one seems familiar to us with a round shape hairless head, big eyes, skinny arms. A possible Grey alien? The interesting thing is that according to our belief system Jinns are created from the fire. And Jinns have been doing everything that Grey aliens do with human society. Can this be another explanation to Jinn-Grey existence in the paranormal dimension?

I still didn't see the movie Semum. As far as I read from the press it is a basic possesion story. Semum is a negative paranormal being which tries to harm humans in order to eliminate human race. Semum belongs to Devil.

Let's hope that some of the Extra Terrestrial groups are not coming to us with the same intentions.
Please click on the pictures to see them in bigger size and make your own judgement.

March 2, 2008


Blogger _nikolatesla_ said...

There can be explained through this

Is the same that's used in the "roschard test" for know the think process and mental references of an subject.

We clearly identify the image with a "grey", but another can see other thing according with the culture.

salud! ;)

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