Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Fourth Kind
by Farah Yurdözü

A short time ago I tried to contact Olatunde Osunsanmi to interview him for UFO Magazine. When I Googled his name, only a few pages came up, and there was very little information about him.. No email address, no website, no phone numbers. There were no personal pictures of Mr.Osunsanmi except the official poster of his movie “The Fourth Kind”. He is the director and the writer of “The Fourth Kind” in which he brings a completely different interpretation to the alien abduction and close encounter phenomena.

“The Fourth Kind” was in theathers in November, 2009. The movie was successful in ticket sales, but I don’t think that it became a sensational hit for many reasons that I’ll discuss below. It was considered as a horror movie that I totally disagree. But it is clear that Olatunde knew very well what he was doing, as opposed to the general tendency in Hollywood, in which movies about UFOs and aliens take the subject or too superficially or too violently. The Fourth Kind takes us to the very deep and unknown fields of the alien abduction phenomenon. And yes, some of the aspects could be really disturbing and scary for some eyes. But with increasing information about the alien abductions and testimonies, we already know that being abducted or contacted by “them” doesn’t offer a rose garden most of the times.

According to press releases, the writer was inspired by the unexplained dissapearances and deaths in Nome, Alaska to create this story. Although alien abduction phenomenon is being discussed all over the internet, some locations like Nome are not very well known in the abduction literature. Maybe that’s why these locations are preferred by the abductors as being located far from everything.

Olatunde used the known symbolic elements of the alien abduction such as owls in his movie. Many abductees claim that they see or visited by an owl at the beginning of the contact. The symbol of the owl is mostly used as a screen memory or cover by the visitors. That’s not new for a regular UFO / ET follower. But later the filmmaker takes us to a totally new field where visitors directly contact the humans using abductees’ vocal cords, voice and physical body. The scene where the abductee Scott is under hypnosis turns out to be a demonic exorcism session. In general, alien abduction and demonic possession have so many common aspects. And Olatunde brings out this aspect in a striking movie scene.

Olatunde’s aliens are not little, tiny, quiet, mechanical Grays. He talks about 6 1/2 foot tall, skinny beings. They have beige colored skin, gigantic heads and huge black eyes. And Olatunde makes them speak in an ancient language which happens to be Sumerian. He links the ancient Sumerian gods to present day’s alien visitors. He includes Owolowa Odusami, a Nigerian scholar as an expert in Sumerian language and ancient gods theory. We are very familiar with the Sumerian Gods theory and the Extra Terrestrial race of Anunnaki. Historical, mythological and linguistical research show that what Sumerians used to call Gods and Goddesses were a group of scientists who came to our planet with a very clear agenda: to create a hybrid race.

When these beings speak using abductee Scott’s voice with a highly distorted tone, they make sure that they are conscious beings who know a lot about Dr.Abigail Tyler and the others who are involved in the case. What we see in the scene is very similar to what real abductees describe during their experiences; a very intense and strong energy which controls the abductee’s body, causing temporary paralysis and the sensation of being lifted from the bed. When Scott is lifted from his bed, Dr.Tyler and other witnesses start to pray. The alien visitor says: “There is no need to pray,” as if trying to make clear that whatever your religion is, whatever your holy book teaches you, the alien power is beyond anything and cannot stopped by praying.

He keeps speaking more in ancient Sumerian:

E.NE.NE...... Me. NA.AM....ME. EN. DE. EN KI. ULUTIM ( Our creation )

IGI KAR... A E.. SA ( Examine )

ZIG.. KAE.. SUG.ZAG GU ( ruin , destroy )

“Our creation. Examine. Ruin, destroy”. If the translation is correct, what do we understand from this message? Do they try to say that they created the human race and later destroyed them? Or that they will destroy them? Maybe we have to take a look at Genesis 6: And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.”

Channeling Extra Terrestrial beings has been a way to approach to unknown since 1920s. Many psychics and mediums from the spiritual research field claimed that they channeled ETs and received information from them. During a channeling, the visiting ET or entity totally controls the psychic’s physical body and mind. It speaks from his/ her mouth but uses a different voice and most of the times speaks in a very deep tone. When the famous occultist Aleister Crowley contacted his spiritual guide Aiwass, mentioned Sirius star system as the entity’s origin. Another Extra Terrestrial? After Crowley, numerous psychics and mediums spent long hours channeling and receiving instructions from supposed Extra Terrestrial intelligences. The same phenomenon was documented even in the Bible when Saint Paul had to deal with demonic possessions in ancient Ephesus located in today’s Turkey. Before the Christian period Ephesus was the center of occult practices and channeling was one of them. More than channeling what was called demonic possession was almost common in those days. Here is a passage from the Bible:

“But also some of the Jewish exorcists, who went from place to place, attempted to name over those who had the evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, “I adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches.” Seven sons of one Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. And the evil spirit answered and said to them, “I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?” And the man, in whom was the evil spirit, leaped on them and subdued all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.”

And these are the words of an intelligent being who can easily control human mind and body and contact them in a face to face communication:

“I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”

Even today it is very difficult to see the differences between the alien abduction, demonic possession or ghost hauntings as three of them have many similar characteristics. These activities generally start around 3:00 in the morning. The experiencer cannot control his / her physical body during the experience. The room temperature changes and generally drops. Both after an alien abduction and a demonic attack / possession, the experiencer finds unexplained physical marks on the skin and starts to suffer from depression, insomnia and as we see in some cases they also suffer from serious health problems. That’s why the scene with abductee Scott in the movie is considered as a possible demonic attack causing the movie to be labeled as a “horror movie”.

There is another real fact about the movie: the writer/ director Olatunde Osunsanmi obviously did intense research to write the story and it seems that he knows more than he shows. He is very close to the truth. Although the truth may be darker than we expect. He didn’t make a regular UFO/ Alien movie with non-stop special effects, explosions in every scene, running and chasing and a happy ending when the good heroes get rid of the bad aliens. If the aliens in our abduction stories are “bad,” we don’t really know it, but in the real life of an abductee there are no happy endings. The truth of the abductions is completely different than a regular movie goer expects from a popular ET/ UFO movie. No explosions, no car chases, no violence, and no big sensational hit. But believe me “The Fourth Kind” hit me very deeply, as I saw a completely objective reflection of the life of an abductee.

Meanwhile I still try to contact Olatunde to have a real interview with him. The main question is: “How much more does he know?”

Saturday, March 10, 2012

By Farah Yurdozu

When I Googled futurist movie director Fritz Lang, I ironically thought that he never used a laptop, an iPad or a cell phone in his life. He never had a Facebook profile. He didn’t need these digital toys in order to create a masterpiece like Metropolis which stands as a very accurate prophecy of our present time.

Austrian born Fritz Lang directed black and white silent movie Metropolis in 1927. This was just after his first visit to New York City and before the start of the contemporary UFO age, which began 20 years later with the Roswell crash incident. As he was very much impressed by New York City style architecture and buildings he created a perfect, futuristic version of the Big Apple in the set, adding advanced science fiction touches.

Metropolis is the story of a utopic city of 2026 where life is powered by a huge underground machine system. The city is divided into two parts as the ruling rich class’ very advanced and modern section on the surface and the massive underground city of the slave workers. Two opposite worlds represent the everlasting battle between the elite ruling class and the working class in every age and geography. But the real interesting point is that Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is bringing a spiritual aspect to the harshness of these two worlds using the mythological symbols from Mesopotamia and Babel. In another words he is telling us the story of the Annunaki-Illuminati connection in his futuristic movie. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

According to the theory of ancient astronauts, Annunaki is the interdimentional race who came from the race of God Anu and started the first civilizations in today’s Iraq thousands of years ago. And Illuminati is one of the strongest societies which was established based on the philosophical, social and political principles of Annunaki race on earth. Illuminati society became known first in Europe in 16th century although its roots goes back to at least ten thousand years ago. Today conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati still exist and are responsable for most of the current world affairs and political decisions of an international scale. Illuminati members are very much aware of our Annunaki ancestors and they still follow the esoteric path given by them. That’s why many of the prominent world cities such as New York, Washington, Paris are designed and organized based on esoteric symbolism.

We see a large amount of esoteric symbolism in Metropolis too. The center of the city is called New Tower of Babel. The meaning of Babel is “The Gate of the Gods” which refers to the cosmic entrance of the interdimensional beings into our physical dimension. Today we call these entrances “stargate”. Metropolis’ Tower of Babel is in the shape of a five pointed star. Five pointed star is the symbol of Sirius which is esoterically known as the guiding, spiritual sun of the human race.

While the leader of the city controls everything from his Tower of Babel unfortunately thousands of slave workers who go down to feed the machine system every day have no priviledge of enjoying the skyscrapers or the beautiful gardens made for the rich people. Workers have to run the machines non stop during 24 hours so that rich class can keep having the pleasures of Metropolis. Although everything seems mechanical and even technological in the depts of the city in fact, the main machine is a living creature. Main machine is the ancient Semitic God Moloch which is known as the God of the sacrifices. The gigantic size Moloch is a temple dedicated to blood gods where workers dragged by the Sumerian priests and force to jump into the flames.

Another name of this very ancient ritual is Holocaust, means offering. It is the human offering to the Gods. Intriguingly in 1927 Metropolis was also predicting the upcoming terror of the Nazi holocaust during Second World War. Adolf Hitler and some of the high ranking Nazi officers were very much involved with occult practices and dark arts. They were basically practising Babylonian ritual magic in order to contact some superior, extra terrestrial beings. Nazi’s holocaust was an offering to feed the dark forces as well. Hitler and his close circle believed that they contacted Extra Terrestrial intelligences through rituals and spiritual channeling. According to some claims Extra Terrestrial beings from Aldebaran star system helped Nazis to build several different types of UFOs.

Except building UFOs, Nazis’ another main purpose was to create a pure race of blond haired, white skinned and blue eyed Aryans. Could it be a coincidence that in Metropolis, the rich class who lives in the upper city fits to this Aryan description very well with their blond hair and fair skin, meanwhile the workers of the underground city have mostly dark hair and dark features? Another leading character of Metropolis is Maria she is also blond and blue eyed although she is from the underworld. But she is different than the others: Maria is a saint who promises the coming of a Mediator who will make peace between the head and the hands. Metropolis is lack of a heart and a spiritual path. Mediator is the heart and the expected savior. It is very obvious that Maria symbolises the mother Goddess who waits for the Messiah.

Although the underworld city has a Christian belief led by Maria, we cannot see a clear religious concept in the upper city. Where everything is based on technology and materialistic values it seems that the rich class has no need to have a belief system or a spiritual path. But we see another esoteric symbol in upper city which is a pentagram over the door of the scientist, Rotwang.

When Rotwang creates a robot woman under the pentagram which is again the Sirius symbol he says that this will be the future of humankind, a “machine human”. And it is very easy to see the resemblance between the robot woman and the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Both of the symbols Robot woman and Lady Liberty work for the same purpose: Goddess worship. As a matter of fact the real religion of Metropolis is Goddess worship, which is the original Annunaki religion far from the expected mediator or savior who will bring peace. Because one of the first demands of Goddess worship is human sacrifice and human blood.

Later Rotwang steals Maria’s face and body to give life to newly created robot woman. And he sends this hybrid being to the underground world to create turmoil. The half human half robot woman is the dark and the destructive aspect of the Goddess. She becomes the Whore of Babylon. According to Christian belief the Whore of Babylon is the mother of harlots and abominations on the earth, she is the Antichrist.

Metropolis offers us multiple layers of interpretations and most of them fit perfectly to today’s ET-UFO-Annunaki ancestors theory. Sitting on a seven headed monster, Whore of Babylon seems an important milestone for modern era UFO matters.

For some researchers modern UFO-ET era started with British occultist Aleister Crowley’s ritual magick works. Between January and March 1918 Aleister Crowley conducted a magickal ritual in New York City. Due to his ritual he opened and activated a stargate and a being that he calls Lam entered into our physical dimension. The drawing of Lam made by Crowley himself has a remarkable resemblance with the typical Grey aliens.

California based rocket designer Jack Parsons was also a dedicated occultist and a disciple of Aleister Crowley. He was a member of the O.T.O ( Ordo Templi Orientis ) an occult order run by Crowley. Parsons devoted himself to the ritual of Babylon. Working together with occultist partner and Scientology Church founder L. Ron Hubbard tried to invoke a living goddess to change to destiny of mankind. What they wanted to do was to bring the Whore of Babylon into our physical dimension through the stargate and to invest it into a human body, just like Rotwang does in Metropolis. Parsons and Hubbard practised the magical working called Babylon Working in 1946. They opened the portal again but after they finished their ritual they were not able to close it. Or maybe they didn’t want to close the stargate. And on June 24, 1947 the modern age of UFOlogy started with the Kenneth Arnold’s sighting over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. After that Roswell UFO crash in July 1947 was going to be another milestone for what we call UFOlogy.

California based UFO contactee and amateur astronomer George Adamski lived in Palomar Gardens in 1950s and early 1960s in an area very close to Hale Observatory. As a coincidence occultist Jack Parsons’ OTO Lodge used to have a temple at Mount Palomar long before the Hale Observatory was build on top of the mountain. George Adamski’s first close encounter with a blue eyed and blond Nordic Extra Terrestrial being was also intriguing as the visitor came out of a Nazi type UFO landed on the desert. He was called Orthon and he supposedly was from Venus. He seemed as a perfect prototype of the Nazi Aryan-pure race obsesion. And much later when the Nazi UFO designs and plans became accessible to the public, the similarity between them and Adamski UFOs was more than obvious.

Loooking for a superior race in science and in the roots of Annunaki ancestors, Nazis loved Lang’s Metropolis. Later Fritz Lang became a member of the Nazi Party NSDAP ( National Socialist German Workers’ Party ) worrying about his Jewish heritage.

We really don’t know if Fritz Lang had any knowledge about UFOs and Extra Terrestrial Annunaki visitors or not. Maybe he only wanted to show the power of the ruling elite class in any world society using science fiction as a background set. Or maybe he was aware of the world’s real owners and he prefered to use a fantastic cinema language. But it is very meaningful that he created a Metropolis copying the real New York City. In fact New York City is the new Tower of Babel with hundreds of different languages spoken and with thousands of people from all over the world living together. And let’s not forget about New York’s most important esoteric symbol Goddess Lady Liberty.

It seems that in every age and society human race waits for a savior, a Messiah, a hero to bring peace and love. But times are changing, and the identity of savior is changing too based on human race’s needs and expectations. Today UFO believers are waiting for the Disclosure of UFO files and hoping a mass landing of UFOs. Disclosure of UFO secrecy is the most popular topic in the last decade. But let’s ask a fantastic question just like Lang did, when the Extra Terrestrial visitors land, meet and greet humans what if they declare themselves as the ruling elite class having advanced technology and power making the earth planet a new Metropolis to feed the main machine with human lives.